Behaviour Modification Consultation

A dog that is “behaving badly” can be embarrassing, disruptive, destructive, very difficult and upsetting to live with. The relationship between you and your dog can fall into a downward spiral.
Do you want to change things for the better?    The types of emotional and behavioural problems that I can help you with include

Dog Aggression Aggression to People
Destructiveness House-training Problems
Anxiety and Phobias Unwanted barking
Training Issues Self Mutilation

Changing a dogs behaviour usually takes lots  work and commitment from you, but the rewards can be huge for you and your dog.   Generally the sooner a problem is addressed the easier it is to help your dog feel differently and hence react and behave differently.

I take a holistic approach to you and your dog, and consider all the factors that may be contributing to how your dog behaves. using the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) EMRA approach.  This examines how your dog feels day to day, how your dog feels when the problem behaviour occurs, and what makes the behaviour continue or get worse.   I will work with and support you to provide a strategy using reward based techniques to change the unwanted behaviour.  Changing behaviour takes time and commitment.  Unfortunately there are no magic wands or short cuts to make long term changes in how your dog feels and the behaviour those feelings cause.

Rates: £50 per hour plus 50p per mile mileage