I offer class and individual dog training sessions.  Classes are small with a maximum of six dogs and usually take place outdoors in the environment - where you need your training to work.  If you have a particular training problem that you want help with a one to one session may be the answer. 

Training usually takes place in either the training paddock or the indoor training area, with fields available as well.

A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!

I believe that dog training should be KIND, FAIR and EFFECTIVE (for dogs and their owners).  Animals – and humans – learn best in a positive learning environment. I use reward based training techniques, including clicker training where appropriate.  This allows you to teach your dog effectively and build on the bond between you.  Every dog is different and training is tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs and “personality”. 

Training a dog takes time and patience. Understanding how dogs learn, teaching in a way your dog can understand and motivating your dog to want to learn will allow you and your dog to make progress quickly.  Training sessions and classes are supported with information sheets to take home.


Beginner and Intermediate Classes are all held on a Saturday morning in Winter and Monday or Tuesday evenings in the summer.

Beginner Class
7 x 1 hour Sessions teaching basic commands such as sit, lie down, recall, loose lead walking and having fun with tunnels and other basic agility equipment.  At the end, if you would like, you can be assessed for your APDT Good Companion Puppy Certificate.

I charge £65 for the course, payable upon booking.

Rally Obedience Training

Rally is a fun way to continue training obedience, building on the foundations taught in beginner classes.  This sport is suitable for all breeds and something I really enjoy with my older dogs. For more information have a look at rally on the Kennel club website.  I offer individual lessons and group classes (Fridays)

Fun (and Fitness) Agility Training 

Dogs can begin to start training for agility as they coming towards being fully grown – often around a year old.  Agility can be undertaken by dogs with a reasonable level of fitness. I find it enhances the bond between you and your dog doing something that both parties enjoy.  I offer one to ones and occasionally have a space available in a group class. (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

Group classes are booked in 4 week blocks - £30 when places are available

One to One Dog Training

One to one sessions can help you with a particular training issue – lack of recall, pulling on lead etc.  You can have a training session at a time and place to suit you, focussing solely on you and your dog.

New Puppy Start Right Session
Give your puppy the ideal start.  The experiences your puppy has in his/her first 3 months influence your dog’s adult behaviour and outlook on life.  By booking a Puppy Start Right Session I can give

Rates £30 per hour plus 50p per mile - mileage

Rescue Dog Start Right Session
Give the Dog that you have given a new life to the best new start by ensuring that he/she settles into your life as smoothly as possible.  During a Start Right Session I will give advice on training and discuss the signs of potential behaviour problems to watch for.  The earlier work is done to prevent behaviour problems the better.  Ideally this session should be undertaken within the first couple of weeks of re-homing to be most effective.

Rates £30 per hour plus 50p per mile - mileage